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Re: my therapist disaproves of this website

Originally Posted by Nutnutnut
I agree, this website is not helpful, it's just whines and complaints. Funny this is, nobody even asks for help, they just whine. Ask for help people >.>
Funny you should say that cause I answered a post from someone who asked for help, I tried to stay positive and offer my support but I got accused of being a therapist who is pretending to have SA, lol, I just couldn't believe that!!

Overall it's therapeutic venting out your frustration but overall I think we all have to focus on getting better and helping each other with some positive posts instead of focusing on the negative all the time. And as for the therapist saying that it's not a good idea to go on these websites, it's only natural us SA sufferers want to feel reassured that we are not the only ones going through this so in turn I think this website is OK for that reason, it reassures us that others are in the same boat as ourselves and that we are not struggling all by ourselves, I really think it is important for us to know that, cause we do feel alone with this warped SA!
I hope more of us can focus on getting better rather than staying in the pit, cause the pit is not that fun at all.

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