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Re: Strength training massively improves your self-confidence...

Originally Posted by daaaaave
It's not all good...I am pretty well built but I think I just intimidate people and it makes you stand out more which isn't good for SA. I encourage working out, but SA is a mental thing. If you think if you get big you won't have SA, you'll be in for a surprise.
Yeah I totally agree. It definitely has negatives like girls may start to think you're too into your body. I also believe it can cause an immediate defense system to be triggered due to fear that you could be mentally insane and if you are they wouldn't stand a chance, lol; this in turn makes it even harder to get through their defense and coupled with sa socializing problems just causes a bad vibe that reinforces the idea that you are nothing more than a meat head or weirdo. People may stare and you'll get fairly regular comments about your size in group setting this seems to trigger sa and makes you self conscious.

All that being said I just like the high I get off of it. I feel great while working out and now it seems to last for about 2 or 3 hours afterwards.
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