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Re: my therapist disaproves of this website

Have any therapists ever posted on SAS? I don't care if it has been years... Has it ever happened before?

While I think I can actually somewhat agree with the "spirit" of what the therapist was driving at, I am in disagreement with every other aspect. Like others have said, this forum is not simply a place for people to complain to each other and strengthen each other's insecurities.

What I agree with is the idea that dramatizing our problems by blowing them out of proportion is not helpful in our recovery. This is a distortion of reality that perpetuates the irrational cycle. But to blame the forum is misguided because the forum doesn't cause people to complain. If it didn't exist, the complaining would simply manifest in a different manner.

In addition, there are quite a lot of available resources available here for managing and reducing anxiety. There are quite a lot of confident/positive people here who share what they've done to improve the quality of their lives. That there are benefits to this site is undeniable, as I've improved after using many resources available here (and interacting with others).

Ask your therapist to visit the whole forum, not just one section, before drawing a sweeping conclusion about the value of this site. This is only fair, and the therapist would have to agree if he/she has any interest in making informed statements.

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