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Aron James
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Re: Understanding is key, right?


Apologies for the late reply.

The only thing we should understand is that we have choice.

We experience anxiety that causes us frequent problems because we have no control over our mind.

What also should be understood is that we can gain power over our mind through training it.

Anxiety varies in strength proving it is not permanent, it can be controlled if we learn to train our mind. Currently, we cannot live in a world without anxiety because our mind is accustomed to becoming anxious.

The only reasonable and smart choice is therefore to understand that we must learn to control our mind. Else, inevitably, anxiety will continue to dominate our world.

We are not anxiety. Anxiety belongs to our mind, part of our mind. Our mind is a tool. Currently our mind is out of control and anxiety destroys our peace. Yet our mind can create such peace once we learn to view things differently, change our attitudes.

We are not taught this in school. Our parents were never taught this. This is something we must learn ourself. We come into the world confused, grow up more or less confused about things and then wonder what we are doing. All our problems arise because we have no inner control, the best understanding therefore is to understand we can gain control by training our mind.

What freedom, what choice, what peace, no anxiety, being our self all because we understood that we are actually out of control all the time.

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