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Please read I think this is what of m better posts

to just go off of that, I think that it is actually not that important that we understand SA. I have been trying to analyze every single aspect of it for like the past 3 years and that got me absoloutely nowhere. I pretty much have a library of self help books stacked up in a drawer haha...that is not to say that they havent helped me at all, because they have, they have provided me with some good insight and helped me understand what I should go/given me some tips on how to try and control my anxiety levels. I really think that to deal with this problem we just have to keep in mind that it is our own selves that matters in all situations, we need to always do what makes us comfortable and what is the best option for us.

So we can rack our brains forever and research the hell out of psychological disorders and analyze it to death until we feel we have it down to a T...whcih we probably never will....because look how much we still dont know about diseases and science etc....if the scientific geniuses out there cant figure everything out, its unlikely that we will.

Also, the more I learn in life, the more I realize that life is really full of a lot of gray areas. Nothing is ever black and white. Man might make it or try to make it black and white, but by nature everything is pretty gray.

It seems like things like behaviors, sexuality, and personalities are all kind of on a spectrum. iN FACT, I read that the five characteristics that are used to measure personality disorders are nueroticism, conscientiousness, extroversion, openness, and aggreeableness. The way they determine if you have a personality disorder is if you have an extreme high percentage of one of them and low of another (dont remember which ones). Im sure there is more to it but that is the basics. Anyways, this shows you that its just all about keeping yourself in check if you are susceptible to acting or behavior too much or too little of one way (like too high nueroticism and too low of extraversion). Well hopefully I made some sense here. Let me know what you think of this....criticism included!(i can take it!)
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