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Re: Do you know who you are?


Buddhism and delusions have been mentioned here so i just thought i would say a little about delusions, just to clarify.

A delusion functions to distort our reality, makes our mind unpeaceful and uncontrolled. It distorts how we see ourself and everyone else. Delusions are functioning in our mind all the time, we know this from our own experience, hardly ever content, always confused about who we are and so on, anger, jealousy, hatred are examples of delusion. They can function on subtle or gross levels, we may not even be aware we have them. We see ourself and others through the lens of our delusions. Living with a distorted view of ourself as being the most important person in the world, disregarding others happiness and wishes is one of our main delusions.

Delusions cause us so many problems and pain. The opposite of delusions are positive states of minds such as love, consideration for others and so on, which are based on the true nature of how things are. They cause happiness for ourself and others.

People tend to listen more to those who do not illuminate such an inflated view of themselves; those who care about others happiness and wishes. Those people understand the true enemy is delusion, not others. Therefore, those people radiate love are a real example of the truth of their words. They don't need to prove the truth of their words, everyone knows it through their example of love.

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