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Aron James
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Re: Do you know who you are?


YOU definitely exist.

HOW you exist is the question you want answered. The real you lays dormant within, unseen, unknown.

The person we mould ourself into because of 'what others think' exists as the ignorance of our mind, this self is a phantom and does not actually exist. Why? Because this self is merely a creation of our mind. Built and created by a mind engulfed by anxiety, a mistaken mind. But because we believe it to really exist, it functions to exist, almost like how kids believe in make believe things and they come into existence.

But it's this person/self we grasp at strongest in times of provocation and so on. We hold a really bad self image, we carry it around and never really question HOW it exists, is it true? Why such a permanently fixed self image? So we continue to believe in non-sense, confused and tired.

Your real self is not separate from anyone, your real self is limitless, a vast untapped potential. It currently is not experienced due to the sediment of negative minds, so remains dormant but is always there like the sun hidden behind the clouds.........................................

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