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The only thing that made me laugh today

Okay this thread will last a day probably but here is something I saw today that was THE ONLY THING that made me laugh....had a pretty crappy day overall....

So I coming up to a red on a road where another rather heavily travelled road ends. There is a stoplight. For whatever reason, I glance over to the traffic turning on the road and notice the first vehicle in the turn lane is a truck with a wide open door, like a Pepsi truck and I see blue cases of some product and for some reason I think its Pepsi, not sure why. The truck starts to turn and makes the turn and about 6 cases, I BS you not, go flying out of the open door and to my surprise its BUD LIGHT, NOT Pepsi. I start to laugh so hard, there are cans laying all over the road, some of them squirting funny. But, what was even funnier is that the truck driver didnt realize he lost his load and kept going without hesitation. And when the light turned green for my oncoming traffic two cars pulled over, apparently to rescue the fallen beer...........too funny the ONLY THING that has made me laugh on this July 27, probably one of the worst days of my life...........
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