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Pants Anxiety Support

The Pants Game! I love the Pants Game! Basically you replace a word in a famous quote with the word "pants" (Example from Star Wars: "May the pants be with you.")

I've done a SAS edition of the game.

Pants Anxiety Support by LilyPants

The First Pants
A place for new members to say pants

Pants With Social Anxiety
Ask questions, give pants and advice and share your knowledge of how to cope with SA

Pants Disorders
For the discussion of Disorders secondary to Pants Anxiety. (Possible pants.)

Bad pants at school? Co-worker suck? Vent here.

Triumphs Over Pants Anxiety
Share any positives steps you may have pantsed, no matter how small. Your story will surely motivate others to do the same.

Medication is being used more and more to treat this disorder. Here is a good place to share pants

Nutrition, Supplements and Exercise
Natural ways to combat pants through nutrition, supplements and exercise

Positive Pants
Positive pants, no skirts here

Self Help Pants
Is there a pair of pants that you have found especially helpful? Please post a review.

Support Pants
Are you looking for a support group or know of a good one in your pants

Pants For Fun
Got a joke? Cool site? Funny pants?

A place for older pants to hang out and for younger pants to take advantage of their years of experience coping with SA.

Pants Central
Pants tech support and gaming discussion.

Are you looking for a friend or pen pal or that special pair of pants? Let them know here.

Your Online Pants. Apply to User Group or contact Moderator for pants.

Pantsing Booth
Cast your pants here!

Pants Arts
Share your poetry, writings & pants art.

Testing Pants
Test your pants codes and graphics

Society & Pants
Politics, Pants Issues. Controversial pants matter.

Now everyone else try!
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