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I think I have Asperger's Syndrome...

Well.. I was reading about something that had to do with autism.. (I forget why) anyway I stumbled on an article about Asperger's Syndrome and I think I have it.

Let me first say that I've seen therapists in the past and they said I had it... but I never believed them because I didn't think I met the criteria.. I'm starting to think now that I was on crack at the time because I do seem to meet the criteria exactly. May I was in denial?

Anyway here are the symptoms:

* Narrow interests or preoccupation with a subject to the exclusion of other activities

Yep, with computers.. I really don't have many other hobbies. Plus I work in tech support.

* Repetitive behaviors or rituals

Yep, when my daily routine is changed it really bothers me.

* Peculiarities in speech and language

I seriously cannot speak correctly in front of people, I can only communicate through IM or e-mail effectively.

* Extensive logical/technical patterns of thought

I'm always thinking of more efficient ways to do things at work. When something doesn't fit some sort of logic at home or at work it really bothers me.

* Socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior and interpersonal interaction

I do things all the time that aren't appropriate, and I really don't care.

* Problems with nonverbal communication
A lot of people say that I don't show a lot of emotion.

* Clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements
Yeah, I do trip a lot and drop things.

I'm going to call my old therapist tomorrow and make an appointment to see him. Maby they can actually help me this time.
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