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re: Windows Vista

Vista is terrible.. about the only thing good is the easier sata hard drive installation.. it uses more resources just to look nice... its total rubbish...

u all know about what windows is trying 2 do to get us 2 buy it?

Direct X 10 will NOT be available on any other versions of windows apart from Vista.. so... when a games company or software develouper makes something needing DX10 everyone is gonna be forced to upgrade... to me the whole vista thing is good news, i think it will give linux a bigger push towards the main stream... personally im sticking with XP until i need to switch, but i would advise no1 gets vista.. its overpriced and offers no real advantages.

hmm i should really learn to read other posts... since the 1 above me mentioned Direct X 10...

personally i doubt any games companies will risk trying to use Direct X 10 because they know that alot of people are gonna hesitate to get vista.
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