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Re: re: Confidence and Arrogance...finding true confidence??

Originally Posted by Grantonio
I used to have this same problem hardcore. I like what kowabonga said about thinking about situations you did bad in and just accepting it and realizing we are human so we all make mistakes and even say stupid stuff now and known. I used to come across really arrogant b/c of my SA, but that was mainly b/c I wasn't comfortable with my own self and believed making mistakes made me weak. it is the opposite though, realizing we all make mistakes and knowing that we have weaknesses and admitting to it makes you a stronger person...and more confident. accepting your self for who you are is easier said than done, but can only be done if you accept your weaknesses along the way and realizing we can't be perfect and do everything right. this has helped me "find" my self since I'm not extremely worried about pleasing other people, but just focusing on the things that I like and enjoy and if some people like what I, if not, then that is fine as well.

I feel like i went off on a tangent there...haha, anyways, I hope some of that helped.
thanks guys, acceptance...accepting myself...
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