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I haven't and will never try it, since Windows doesn't meet my needs, but everything I've read indicates it's a significantly less bad attempt to emulate Unix. Still nowhere near as good as the real thing or as good clones (BSD, Linux, Solaris, OS X), but the security is more sane since it makes it more practical to run as a non-administrator (though it still allows logging in as administrator, unfortunately) and prompts for root actions (though it still doesn't do it quite right, I gather, and old applications make a mess of it). Plus it's got the graphical effects similar to XGL and OS X, if you're into those. Even the filesystem is improved a little with the ability to make symlinks, though I've heard they don't work quite right in all contexts. If you're using something else it's not going to tempt you since it's still behind the competition, but if you like Windows then Vista is better for you than XP.

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