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I have $147 in change

I have three jars full of change the last two days I counted the two jars of change and I have $147.10 worth of change. I think it is time to go to the bank to exchange it for green backs. I have to count the third jar and it is half full of change. It is a good thing I sorted through it because I found $1.17 in Canadian change. Stupid walmart is always giving me Canadian coins for change. Well I am going to give it back too them. I am wondering how much Canadian change is floating around here?

troll: man, we got a lot of snow
yooper: eh?
troll: three feet, man!
yooper: yah
troll: no school, man, it was sweet
yooper: you closed school for three feet of snow?!?!??!?
troll: you like excessive punctuation, don't you?
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