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panic attack!!

I had a major panic attack. I had severe heart palpitations and it wouldn't stop. I got fuzzy headed and I thought for sure I was dying. I started praying "God, help me!" As I have not had a panic attack like this in years. Maybe since 1994. The heart thing scared me. I had to pop a pill to calm me and I am some better. It was so bad. It was the most frightening minute of my life..... I don't know why the palpitations got so strong. I was playing a computer game and I think I was playing too much and I was stressed, plus it was a tense evening the neighbors earlier were shooting that stupid spud gun and my parents were argiung or cranky and that was stressing me so I think I know why. You can think of nothing during a category 10 panic attack. Only that you feel there is no way out and that you will die.

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