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i'd agree that he sounds weird, but I would be comfortable with a postal money order. Have him mail it to you. Redeem the cash value from the post office and then hand over the merchandise. As solatil said, they authenticate it on the spot and once you cash it I'm pretty sure that's it.

Originally Posted by Paul
If he refuses to use paypal, make him send a wire transfer (western union) or plain cash.
I would be afraid to use PP in a transaction like this. What's to stop a buyer from sending funds with a CC and issuing a chargeback? Under PP seller protection policy, chuck would need to provide a lot of information he won't have in order for PP to dispute it - on-line tracking, proof-of-receipt, valid description of item. I don't even know if that policy covers transactions outside of eBay. I don't know. I just wouldn't.
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