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re: How bad of a scam is this (or is it?)

I dont think he should be asking you to take your add down and all that.. something is not right here

Just dont bother w/ him.. see if you get anymore takers first.. and leave it alone. The only reason I say this is b/c i've experenced this stuff first hand when I was a big seller on Ebay.. Its the odd ones like that , that are usually the wrong ones to be involved in. But do as you wish.

A long time ago someone from Nigera (spelling?) send my brother an email and my brother.. not being very smart and thinking things over.. fell right into the trap, ill sum it up for you..

This girl msged him that she saw him on yahoo personals, she then went on to how she wanted to "get to kno him" and all that stuff.. they talked on yahoo messenger for a long time, and even cam to cam, they were "close" as he calls it, well after only A MONTH of talking she sends him this email saying "im going to send you a money order, you cash it and send it back to me in your dollars, and ill come see you"

but, he didnt

He cashed the check, and got a money order and sent it back to her, only she never came and she never gave the money back, and his bank called shortly after saying the check he cashed was not legit and there was not even such a bank in that place.. now my brother will be paying off a loan for a looooong time for something so silly, he contacted the fbi, and local police, at this time there was so many of these problems going on, they really couldnt do much to help him.. and ... they didnt. they tried to track the mail, but no luck. (this was about a year ago now.. and he still paying on it)

anyway enough, the point is, you really just gotta know someone and trust them before making big decisions

goodluck and ill cross my fingers for you
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