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How bad of a scam is this (or is it?)

I'm selling an acoustic guitar on Craigslist. I've had responses but no real serious buyers. This one just seemed wrong. I've also gotten additional e-mails from simply "John" with a different e-mail address that say "Greetings Friend", etc. or some generic spam BS like that. Kind of creepy. I guess it's coincidence. here it is...

Thanks for your reply.I want you to know that i want the best for both of us in this transaction.I'm cool with your final price which is $550,please let me know if you will accept payment with Money order as it's the only way i can pay you at the moment.
I would have loved to come take a look at it but i am presently out of town.Please send me some pictures,i also want to believe it is in a good working condition.Also,don't fail to reply with your name and your address where payment should be sent.I will let you know how i intend to pick it up.I want you to take the posting off craigslist today.
Expecting to hear from you soon.

In money order scams it seems like they have you accept a money order but you end up having to pay for it somehow.

I responded only saying "I think you're a scam".

I'm just extra paranoid. I feel like clicking on those other "John" e-mails that contained very little of any message besides generic spam type, violated my computer, even though I didn't click on any attachments. Is that even possible.. to just open an e-mail and get some kind of security threat? (passwords, account info, etc.). I'm just in paranoid mode. I've been using my PayPal online and I fear my account getting hacked/used.
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