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Originally Posted by Orpheus
If Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's opinion of the midterm election results is any indication of how many Iranians felt, then it seems obvious that many terrorists in Iran would also be thrilled that the unilateralism of Bush was symbolically defeated. I'm not sure why that is so shocking. What would be shocking is the GOP pretending the terrorists are on the democrats side, which is patently false.
I agree, but again it's not like the terrorist support it because they like the democrats more than the republicans, I am willing to bet they hate them both equally and would have no quarrels about murdering a D or a R. Fox news on the other hand is trying to make out as if the terrorist are overjoyed because the dems won and now they can go on muderdering sprees. To me that is supporting terrorism, they are using the terrorists for their own advantage to furthur thier own agenda.

Foxnews I think is a huge problem becuase it is considered mainstream news, if Fox reports it the other channels have to pay attention to the story even if it's ridiculous. Otherwise you'll have the rightwing propaganda machine claiming "oh look the liberal media is supporting the terrorists again". And through this method it has a much more wider influence than just it's immediate audience, it pulls the entire mainstream media furthur and furthur towards the right.

So you're saying they are reliably biased rather than reliable with the facts? (I personally don't think spinning facts is reliable).
No Iam saying that thier facts are reliable, whether you choose to belive the spin or not is up to you. I think the Foxnews memo speaks for itself, it's clear through that memo that Foxnews had an agenda during election time and that agenda was to support the republicans no matter what, even if the facts weren't on their side. Even the wording of that memo looks like it's from a partisan hack not someone interested in delivering fair and balanced news.
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