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Re: been feeling up and down lately...

Originally Posted by No Limit
I dont know. Somedays I feel confident and other days I feel like there's no point in life. It's like my life has no meaning to it. I just do my daily routine and go back to my apartment. Part of it also stems from the fact that I want a girlfriend. Im not ugly and get look on a regular basis but I am so shy to just go up and strike up a conversation. sigh. I am not living up to my sig...
It sounds like your expectations of yourself are a little high. Can I ask what they are? Sometimes, instead of saying that you should have a GF, maybe setting the bar down to just having a conversation with a girl you're interested in might be more realistic. I hope I don't sound too straight-forward, but I've been there too. =) And that's what my therapist suggested to me.
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