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Another interview, another rejection

What is the secret to getting a job these days?

Last week I went on what I think was probably my 20th interview.

I arrive at the company 10 minutes early. I'm dressed in a suit and tie and look professional. Then I find out I'm going to interview with 4 different people! I was supposed to interview with 5 people, but one girl called in sick that day.

So the first interview was with my would be supervisor. He was a nice guy, and seemed easygoing. We chatted for about 30 minutes and I answered all his questions fairly well. But most of the interview was him explaining what they do, etc.

Next up, was a girl who would've been a co-worker of mine. She came in and explained a lot of stuff in even greater detail. She didn't really ask me any questions, but after explaining everything, she asked if I had any questions. I came prepared, so of course I did. I asked her about 3 really good questions that took up about half the interview for her to explain them. All and all, I thought this interview went well to, although it was a bit one sided with her doing 95% of the talking.

3rd person up was a women who was a supervisor for some other "group" in the company. This interviewed was more conversational than the previous two, and as a result I got a chance to prove myself a bit more. My answers I thought were really good and I think I even impressed her a bit with my computer knowledge. And we even had a laugh over online music downloading.

The only thing that threw me off was when she was explaining something, and she stopped mid sentence and was like "Are you nervous? Do you want a piece of gum?" Honestly, I didn't even feel that nervous when she said that. But I guess my social awkwardness is always there a little bit.

The last person to interview me was the director for the department. Things got off to a rough start when I stuttered a couple times in the first few minutes. He also asked me about one thing I can improve on, and I couldn't come up with an answer that wouldn't make me look bad, so I just said "I don't know." But about half way through the interview, I thought I rebounded when I gave some good answers to a few of his questions. In the end, I thought I did well enough to satisfy him. I thanked him, and I left. When I got home, I immediately sent all of them a thank you email.

3 days go by, and then I get the dreaded rejection email What a bummer. I was worried that would happen after that "5th" person never called me the next day like the company said the person would, since they were out sick the day of my interview.

I've been rejected countless times before, but this one seemed to hit harder. Mostly because I felt that this job was the closest thing to SA perfection that you can get. 75% of the job was sitting in front of a computer analyzing information. The other 25% is mostly internal communication, which seems better than dealing directly with the public. Everything else was perfect to. Great pay, perfect hours, career oriented position, no face-to-face client interaction.

I can't figure out where things went wrong. Despite the intense 4 person interview process, I walked out of there feeling pretty confident.

This unemployment cycle feels like it's never going to end for me. The chances of finding another job this perfect, and then actually getting hired for it, seem so slim
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