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i have been on paxil 10 mg for a month really super helpiung and even found some super sober guys to chill with in the program that are long time sober but have and are taking it some women too but thats cool and my libido hasnt been affected at all infact its better considering how depression used to make me masturbate constantly now i love sex seeing as my brain isnt fogged with guilt sadness etc for no reason as in it shouldnt be happening right now in the now or present so its like good the only thing i dont like is the over eating I do but i know that too is a part of addiction and stuff no this drug isnt for long term i dont think i think overly its for more front line immediate effect and another thing it works considerably well despite side effects the life i had before side effects was a side effect really vivd crazy dreams addicted to it overeating movie like experiences but overall it isnt a masking drug it keeps my juices flowing but now i can have a subjective view over some things i never could clearly before so it works for me some people this drug doesnt work they go off on its side effects some like suicide ideation i'll be the first to admit it but i know i always been suicidal i almost drank and drugged myself to death i hated my life myself and the world and god now i dont so badly now that im sober and the paxil is just a small pebel in the vast experience of life i am created to experience and contribute too. this drug wont cause an escape or alter reality it does what its ment to do for those who are ment to take it . I know people who lead happy productivve lives while taking there meds along with other stuff there is no cure implanted in a pill

Don't spread false information that's also bordering, on doseage advice.

Have a working healthy relationship with your doctor.

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