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CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. There are many people who have overcome or controlled Social anxiety with CBT and CBT is a proven method with a plethora of scientific studies that have proved that it will work. (given that you put the time and effort to do it)

A lot of what is talked about above by other forum members, like countering negative thoughts, self talk, positivity, relaxation techniques, affirmations, mindfulness even meditation are all related to COGNITIVE Therapy. Cognition is the 'process of thought' in our mind. We can change this towards the better with all these techniques combined.

Where Exposure, or puting yourself in gradual social situations starting with small goals and working your way towards larger is related to BEHAVIORAL Therapy.

Combined, these are the fundamentals of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. We need to relate our thoughts and feelings with the actions or behaviors that we take, both gradually and progressively. We can't merely sit around and try to 'feel good' we have to eventually add behavioral therapy to our cognitive therapy and combine them.

Dr Richard's Tapes, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and 'The Work' are examples of/ or use CBT techniques within them.

We have an active group that meets 3 times a week where we practice all these methods to overcoming social anxiety. Iff you'd like to join:
Online Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CBT) - Join if interested in Overcoming SA
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