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UPDATE: actually if your interested in meeting online through skype or video chat for group therapy. We'll meet 3 times a week and go over the Dr Richards Tapes:

Originally Posted by Annoyed View Post
I have it but by no means is a wonder cure, I think it points out important aspects about our thinking process, but to be honest nothing that was really new or breakthrough. It seems that if it doesn't work then it was your fault because you weren't consistent enough (whatever that means).
how far did you get? through what tape? If you don't have that many neg thoughts maybe you're already ready for the behavioral part?

I think is definitely a good resource but is not a cure, otherwise we all be cured by now. I'm not sure is worth the price and why is it so expensive, many of the concepts I had/have read them online. But maybe the price is an incentive so that you follow through and acquire a discipline to observe/change your thoughts on a daily basis.

I agree there is no magic bullet cure where the SA just disappears. Overcoming SA takes lots of time, but if you change the way you think that is permanent. If you force yourself into things that your mind can't handle then you can do more damage then good.

The idea that this SA developed over a long period of time (through neg thoughts/cognition AND avoidance) is true. It takes a lot of brain 'retraining' and slow-gradual-exposure. This is all central to Cognitive behavior therapy and is well known in psychology.

It's like we want to get out of SAD as fast as possible, but that does not work. If you use meds like benzos its like putting a big bandaid. It may be necessary for you to do what you need to do socially, but it will not help you in the long run. it's the easier rout though for sure.

I personally think that your way of thinking usually is more tied to your experiences, hence a work group that provides a safe place to practice your behavior is best. For example you'll lose your fear of presenting if you have positive experiences presenting, rather than telling yourself everyday that presenting is not a bad thing.
As far as it being tied to your experiences that's what CBT and the Dr R tapes are abhout. First you change your mind -then you gradually expose. I think the later tapes are about getting group therapy. So what you're saying is cognitive BEHAVIORAL therapy. The issue is that some people have much worse thoughts where they're so bad they cannot even fathom being in a group. So they probably need to restructure their mind/ ANTs thoughts first and more gradually before doing behavioral stuff.

As far as telling yourself everyday that presenting is not a bad thing... that is the first part of the tapes and the first part of CBT. CBT doesn't happen over night. You have to gradually retrain your thoughts then gradually EXPOSE YOURSELF. It is all about the experiences like you said, the only prob is a lot of people quit before they get to the later tapes/ to the gradual behavioral part of CBT.

As far as group therapy I'm thinking of setting up an online skype/video chat group where we can discuss the tapes/ practice methods/ and it can be like our online CBT group therapy. This would be a good gradual exposure for a lot of us and great practice.

Here's the group:

Let me know by PM
Online Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CBT) - Join if interested in Overcoming SA
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