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Re: as someone with SAD, I find this disturbing...

Originally Posted by UltraShy
Originally Posted by mechagirl
what really freaks me out is that this sicko claimed he had social anxiety in his blog.

this is why i never feel comfortable trusting anyone, not even others with social anxiety...
Given that some of the people on SAS are too afraid to even leave the house and many of those who do leave the house are much too afraid to actually do wild stuff like talk to others, I'd say it would be hard for them to be serial killers.
Hmm somehow I find that hard to believe. I think that someone who is disillusioned with society, isolated and feeling alone, without a social network, frustrated with their attempts "normalize" their relations with others, to the rest of the world would be a perfect candidate for such an act. I UNDERSTAND your point completely, as i see things from the SA point of view, however, I am just not sure that this point would be well taken by the more social members of society.
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