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I've been struggling with anxiety and (as a result of the anxiety, i think?) depression ever since childhood. I have never told anyone because I've always been too embarrassed and ashamed, apart from two weeks ago I finally worked up the courage to tell my doctor and asked to be prescribed something for it. I know that councelling would make it ten times worse, as I struggle talking to people as it is. I couldn't even explain to the Dr. the symptoms of my illness, as of course my mind goes blank and I can no longer string a proper sentence together and I thought she was judging me. (just a bit paranoid). The Dr. prescribed Paroxetine. This was a massive deal for me as I've been working up to that day ever since I can remember.

So far I'm up to day 14 of taking Paroxetine. Fortunately the worst side effect would have to be the jaw clenching, which I think is starting to lessen. I have been very lethargic but I'm hoping that will lessen too. I have restless legs and feel the need to shake them constantly - not that annoying really. I know it's early days yet, but i desperately hope this works for me.

I'm so glad to hear those positive experiences with this drug! I hope for those who haven't had such a good time, find medication that works for them.

Today I'm not having such a good day. I feel quite down and I've been avoiding friends for a few weeks now. Although this is something I did before taking Paroxetine. I've just started taking the contraceptive pill again today (for my acne) and I'm wondering if my extra low mood has anything to do with this.

Thanks for reading, sorry if I've bored you or don't make sense!
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