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I am really new here, this is my first day. On the subject of paxil I have a VERY strong opnion. They diagnosed me with social anxiety and put me on paxil immediately when I was a teenager. That was at least 10 years ago so I am sorry but I don't remember what the dosage was. However much they were giving me the dosage got upped when it didn't need to be. I believe the reason was that they wanted me to switch over to a time released formula and the small dosage I was on wasn't available. Horrible side affects, horrible. I will say that it really did help with the social anxiety symptoms but the side affects are not worth it by far. I had a serious decline in my appetite and was unable to have an orgasm so no enjoyment out of sex whatsoever. This was made worse by the fact that these common side affects were never explained to me by my doctor so I was totally unprepared for them. One day I slept over a friend's house and forgot to bring my meds. The withdrawal was horrible. At that point I had just about enough and told the therapist I was seeing that I wanted off the meds. She wouldn't listen to me no matter how I tried so I basically just went off of it cold turkey. To this day the memory of withdrawal makes me shudder. Anyone who has experienced it knows the symptoms all too well the sweats, shaking, severe body aches and headaches, nausea, etc. After that I refused to go to therapy or take any kind of medication and have been dealing with my social anxiety on my own ever sense.
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