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Dr. Richards

I have it but by no means is a wonder cure, I think it points out important aspects about our thinking process, but to be honest nothing that was really new or breakthrough. It seems that if it doesn't work then it was your fault because you weren't consistent enough (whatever that means).

I think is definitely a good resource but is not a cure, otherwise we all be cured by now. I'm not sure is worth the price and why is it so expensive, many of the concepts I had/have read them online. But maybe the price is an incentive so that you follow through and acquire a discipline to observe/change your thoughts on a daily basis.

I personally think that your way of thinking usually is more tied to your experiences, hence a work group that provides a safe place to practice your behavior is best. For example you'll lose your fear of presenting if you have positive experiences presenting, rather than telling yourself everyday that presenting is not a bad thing.

Hey and medication are really a good thing, because in many cases it allows you to confront certain situation that otherwise you wouldn't and have a positive experience or if not your mind won't make much of it, so in the long term your brain even without the medication is going to be wired to think differently.
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