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Been on and off Cymbalta (30Mg) for 1 1/2 years now. Dr. prescribed for depression and when dug a little deeper found SAD. I don't take daily as my depression seems to be cyclical.

I have found Cymbalta to be extremely effective at quieting the angry, negative self talk and taking the edge off situations that would ordinarily make me curl up into a ball. I have a nasty habit of remembering bad past experiences when I have a good experience and this med seems to put those bad feelings into perspective. It doesn't make those feelings go away entirely but the lows are not nearly as low and the highs aren't as high either. It doesn't take as much "convincing" to go out and do things like it did in the past.

The side effects...there are several and they seem to vary from person to person. When I start taking them my digestive system reacts rather badly for a couple of days then it goes away, i.e. you'll be regular as clockwork. They also wake me up in the middle of the night for about an hour as if a switch was thrown. Mentally I can tell when I take than but it is not intrusive. When I stop I get lightheaded easily but nothing serious.

All in all I have found them to be very helpfull and see no reason to look elsewhere. But as with any other type of medication your mileage my vary.
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