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Originally Posted by lex321 View Post
hey guys

i'm guessing the audio series only contains the cognitive therapy, right? does it also contain how we may go about the "behavioral" part through self-methods, or is it absolutely imperative that we find a CBT therapy group for SA?

really would buy this series in a heartbeat but i've been looking around for groups of the like where i come from (sydney, australia) and there don't seem to be any/many ... :-(
I am through week 11, and at this point, it's all cognitive therapy. He encourages you to get out there and start engaging socially--slowly and systematically--but that's really the extent of it, so far. I think coupling the therapy with a behavioral therapy group would be key. There just aren't enough groups out there, tailored specifically to social anxiety. That said, the cognitive parts alone are worth the price. Go for it!

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