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I set little goals for myself and tackle them one by one. For example, I couldn't make eye contact during conversations for a long time. So I set a goal to be able to learn to make eye contact. I did it in manageable steps, like first making eye contact with strangers while shopping or while walking the dog.

Then I learned to make eye contact by looking near the person's eyes, but really on brigge of the nose. I did this till I felt comfortable.
then I worked myself up to maintaining real eye contact breifly.
I also watched reality TV shows and documentaries (not movies with actors) to observe how people make eye contact in real life. It's a lot less than I thought.

So that's how i was able to teach myself to make eye contact.

I did similar things with conversation, speaking in front of a group, and making small talk. Breaking up each thing into small, manageable, Do-able tasks.

And I may have setbacks occasionally but I just get back in there and keep at it.

Good luck to all!

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