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Originally Posted by Rbk View Post
I'm asking about Your personal experiences. Do You people think that Phenibut can be compared to real anxiolytics like benzos or it is just a placebo like lteanine or valerian?

Because if it's a placebo then it's expensive placebo and I don't want to loose about 25 euros for it ;P
Way better. Infact I believe they banned it from coming into canada to iliminate the compitition with benzos. Pharmacutical companies will make sure anything standing in their way gets banned. Famous examples of canada's ignorance: acetyl-l-carnitine is illigal and only gets prescribed, like WTF. Yohimbine HCL is also banned and only legal by prescription for the use of erectyle disfunction. I got both of these supplements into canada more than once and can say they're potent and do exactly wat they say. The Russians produced it in the 60's for anxiety. Russians wouldn't just produce a substance with such proporties if it was not potent. Try it, you won't regret it.
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