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Originally Posted by crazyMed
besides that once your addicted the withdrawals are terrible
We are talking about what kind of addiction? I've heard about tolerance and withdrawal symptoms with phenibut. Honestly - I don't know what is the difference between withdrawal symptoms and physical dependence. It is the same thing? Because SSRIs can also make withdrawal symptoms and they are considered non-addictive...
Personally - I never had even withdrawal symptoms after SSRIs.

Originally Posted by Lateralus
Well that's true, as with any drug you have to be responsible and know the limits. I take it very infrequently, maybe once a month because I knew about the tolerance issues ahead of time, so that was never a problem. I never heard of addiction being an issue with it but I don't doubt it.
Originally Posted by crazyMed
^^ Once a month is very good, but ive heared ppl getting permanent tolerance after taking it only once weekly, wich doesnt occur with many other substances.
And what about increasing dosage? If 1mg is permanently not working and I will take 2 or 3mg? Because if I can take it only once a month I definatly prefer my benzos ;p
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