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Originally Posted by Attica! Attica! View Post
Personally, 1g of phenibut is comparable to the benzo ativan to me; I can definitely notice the effect, unlike most supplements I've tried. Other people may react differently or need a higher dose than 1g. This is based entirely on my experience, no science at all, heh. It is not nearly a cure for SA though. It does well to relieve some stress and anxiety, but does not make me much more comfortable talking to people. It was almost a cure with adderall though, til I started puking..
so i have to know, have you taken 2g of this stuff yet? because when I first took it I took 1g, it didnt do much at that time... so i took 2g and i waited for about 15 mins, (I was drinking lots of water at this time too, i just always heard that drinking lots of water moves anything you ingest through your system very good.) anyways after that I was at that point where I was happy, havent felt that way in along time around family. but... i agree with you it is not cure for SA, but it sure helps me
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