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Hey guys .
I'm new here, but not new to blushing and social anxiety! Found the forum and wanted to tell you about my success with EFT. I've had my blushing problem for about 20yrs I'd say, and i've tried prozac but thankfully i'm off it and honestly wouldn't touch Big Pharma with a barge pole these days. The 'side' effects are horrendous, including making anxiety worse! Thanks Big Pharma.. I'm happy to see others are trying EFT. It really is amazing and there is so much in the way of free video on you tube, and also the free manual from the emofree website, that you really don't have to see an EFT therapist and part with cash. I'm broke so that's not an option for me lol.
I recommend a guy called Brad Yates on you tube ('eftwizard' is his channel). Loads of vids from him. Today at university, there were a number of situations that would normally have caused me to panic and blush furiously, but NOTHING happened!!! I really recommend trying it out. As i say, it is free so there is nothing to lose, apart from your time tapping along with a few videos. This one is a good starter i think:

There are lots of other people making EFT vids, but this guy is really good. Bear in mind that you can make up your own scripts specific to how you feel etc and thinking about situations that cause blushing while tapping really seems to clear the fear. It helps to be as specific as possible, so persevere for a while. However you might not need to, as being vague and feeling shame, fear, panic etc still is very effective i've found. EFT rocks!!!!!
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