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Originally Posted by foremma View Post
I just let myself be anxious. I actually think people understand me better and are nicer to me now because I don't have such a defense and wall up trying to hide my anxiety. I can't explain it very well and I'm sure the experience would be different for anyone who reads this book. I just think people should give it a shot.
The hardest part was this. When I was in group therapy, I had to tell a group of strangers that I abused drugs, which ones and the cause: my SAD. Once, I did that, everything got much better. I tell everyone, now. My SAD is pretty well gone but I still have performance anxiety. I think it may be related to my Asperger's/BDD? I'm not sure. Hiding stuff is being ashamed, being embarrassed. It just feeds on itself. I stopped caring. Now my wife has to stop me from telling everybody.
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