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Mae West
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I've had SA and been "shy" (whatever that means) since I was in 4th grade. My SA developed because I had introvert parents, introvert friends and I was a 130 pound 4th grader that got teased a lot. Naturally, middle school and high school years kinda sucked for me. I didn't have friends and was scared to talk to people. My only good friend was another shy girl who was also quite anti social and put me down all the time. I did the whole "eat lunch in the bathroom thing" during hs and did not have a boyfriend until senior year of hs. I ended up going to a community college my senior year of high school which was really good for me. I graduated college with a ba and later a bs. I now a have a very good job that I am proud of. Along the way I've taken care of my physical appearence and my relationships with men and dating have been fairly "normal." What i need to work on is developing good female friendships and expressing myself more honestly with people. I still hide behind a kind of "polite" facade that I think turns people off. I'd like to make a good group of female friends and have parties at my place without fear that no one will show up. I hope my story helped somebody or at least entertained.
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