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I agree with IDK. I was in a similar situation, Alix. I had always had a fear of driving. It was the risk of losing control and seriously hurting myself or worse, hurting someone else. My first lesson, which was forced upon me, was intense. I had driven around a empty parking lot a few times but I was scared of going faster than 30 kph (which is like 20 mph). The first lesson was terrifying and my instructor was horrible. But its really easy once you get started.

I've been driving for almost 3 years and I have no accidents, no tickets and only a few "close calls". That with driving through two of the worst winters. I had one day where I stopped at a light and my car started sliding sidewise directly towards the curb. Yikes!

It's a lot easier then it looks.
If you are careful and drive defensively you will be fine.

I actually enjoy driving now.

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