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cognitive therapy and me

I was directed towards the books about CT and read those and tried to follow the directions to the T but i had a lot of trouble. FIrst and foremost i think is that i didn't have a therapist to help me along, and still don't, i have a psychiatrist, therapists aren't covered by the disability program my province provides. Anyway, i tried to do the paperwork and write down realistic thoughts to my irrational ones but i had trouble believing in it after a week or two because my body was telling me that i wasn't being irrational. My depression didn't get any better because i told myself that i would get better with time and the right meds, therapy or whatever. MY anxiety didn't improve much except at the very start when you are excited about something. I needed a real therapist to guide me and i cannot afford one and that is the end of it. My next stop is a hospital so maybe i'll get a therapist there but i don't know where else to turn. I think i'll try some support groups though i get freaked out thinking about it.

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