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Originally Posted by eccentricpeter View Post
me too, i know whats wrong with me and who i m and where i m in life more than any doctor no matter how many countless hours i tell them my story. i m not dumb and know its all irrational or how it started or how it can end. but i cant do it, thats my problem. if i could get over it by talking and findint the roots of my problems and stuffs i would not be like this would I? dont you think i have tried? its basically all i do. selfhelp is a joke for someone like me. might work for others. but me i needs meds and dont even know if they're gonna work.
anyone without the diseases i have is never going to know what is it no matter how many psychiatic books they gobble. i know better about my particular disease more than anybody else and have done possibly all sorts of self help a cbt would include. but it doesnt work, it just doesnt for me.
the doctors should realy focus on not thinking their patients are stupid just because they have mental diseases, and give them meds when they need them.
CBT isn't about getting to the roots of your problem, it's about changing your negative thoughts. If you have negative thoughts and have SA, CBT will work for you. Negative thoughts such as:

"CBT won't work for me even though I have no idea what it is."
"Doctors think i'm stupid."
"People who write self help books for anxiety have never had anxiety."
"For some reason, my anxiety is different than the countless people who have cured theirs with CBT."
"I can't do it."

All of these are irrational, every one is perpetuated by your anxiety, and every one is incorrect. Its kind of a catch 22. In order for CBT to work, you have to believe it's going to help you. CBT is trying to correct negative thoughts such as "CBT won't work for me." I'm staring at this post and seeing someone that fits the mold perfectly for a potential CBT success story.
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