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Tried effexor..found it very anxiety pvovoking. I gave it a few months and quit. I didn't like the effect it was producing. I tried reved up my anxiety alot and after 4 months of no benefit and increased anxiety I gave up. Tried paxil for a week at 10mg couldn't handle it. After being on a certain med for a few weeks you can see how they are working for you and tell if there right or not. I have started zoloft last week and today is day 7 on 50mg.. can't seem to notice any side effects yet. My sleep has majorly improved and I had a bit of increased anxiety the first 4 days. It's only today I actually got a couple of "breaks" you could call it from the anxiety. So I think in time the zoloft will be of much help. It's the only ssri that I still feel my self on. It's like I'm not being medicated at all. I yawn a bit for the first couple of hours after taking it but nothing serious. Sex drive was a bit low for the first 3 days and now it's the same as before. I feel this is the one for me. effexor,celexa,zoloft and other antidepressants will affect you differently. Effexor increases serotonin and noradrenaline, celexa increases serotonin, and zoloft increases serotonin but also has a mild dopamine increasing effect. they say the reuptake ability of zoloft isnt involved in its AD effect but I definetly think it plays a major factor.
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