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hi was wondering if anyone could give me any advice

i sufferd from servere anxiety about a year ago which caused depresion because i could not leave the house . i started gettin CBT , my therapist set me goals to go out i would do this but i could only go out if i had been drinking. i would have to drink a bottle of vodka in order to be able to go out.after a while of CBT i didnt have to drink any more and it felt like i was completely cured i would go out and ,not drink because i had to ,but because i wanted to ,because i woudnt be anxtious like i was before. CBT really helped . i started going back to school and bacame happy again as my anxiety felt like it had gone . the weekend i left school i was stupid and took lots of drugs and started hallucinating causing me to get very anxious and now im right back were i started im not able to leave my house and have started getting deppressed again. i realy dont want to go back to how it was before as i was so depressed i tryed to kill myself . but its starting to get like that again. that weekend was a while ago now and i still havent recoverd i am still extremly anxious when im around people i get so paranoid and feel like everyone is looking at me and talking about me , so i have started drinking again so i can cope and i have become dependant on alcahol . please can someone help me as this is ruining my life .
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