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Originally Posted by lde22 View Post
I read this book and tried two of the exercises and it didn't seem to help much. I don't know if I did the exercises wrong or what but they didn't seem to help so I stopped doing them. I only did them once though. One exercise was to help me stop procrastinating and it didn't seem to help. The other one was in the section on depression, the "Daily Mood Log" or something like that. You are suppose to instantly feel a little better and see the irrationality in your thinking but I didn't at all so I didn't try anymore.

What I did like from the book though was the two self-assessment tests for anxiety and depression. You take a quick test and it tells you how depressed and anxious you are, and you can track it on a weekly basis. I do this every week just to see where I am at, and sadly I don't change much every week.
The only thing I didn't like about the book was that if it was the first cbt book I read I can see how all the exercises could be daunting and overwhelm you.
You may want to try a more basic introuctory cbt book like the one we used in my group called Been there, done that? Do This! by Sam Obitz. Use the TEA form thought countering exercise in it everyday and in a matter of a month or two I think you will see a big difference.
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