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Originally Posted by Blargh View Post
Mindfulness is certainly part of the picture. Two things helped me get out of SA: 1. Realizing that not everyone is part of the same social bloc. Individuals have their own motivations, hopes, and fears. Fearing that everyone is against you is mathematically unlikely at best, destructive paranoia at worst. 2. Your SA keeps you in a reactive state that doesn't allow much critical thinking. If someone talks to you, it's hard to snap out in time. Be mindful. Treat the individual as you would be treated--like an equal. A fellow human being. If you manage that, you're on the road to more proactive thinking and behavior.
I think Mindfulness is such a good tool for people with SA. I recommend Zen and the art of happiness. Or even Zen for dummies. Since Mindfulness, and Mediation, teach about the monkey mind..that part of us that's always yapping, and in our case telling us what we are doing wrong, judging ourselves..Mindfulness and meditation, teaches how to turn off the inner voices. To just be in the moment. To accept what is. You might not like it but you can at lest accept it and that brings it's own peace. Acceptance has been the key for me. The more I accept myself warts and all, the more I feel , confident.
Being that I have OCD it has been hard to trying to learn to Mediate but at the same time, it has helped me to at start to learn how to turn off the obsessive thinking.
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