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Originally Posted by k man View Post
Can anybody be more specific about what they mean when they "sexual side effects?" I'm on prozac as well and am wondering if I may be suffering similar symptoms.
It covers several things really. Common ones include decreased desire to have sex or masturbate, more difficulty getting an erection, and more difficulty achieving climax.

I took fluoxetine for around 5 months, and was at 60mg per day for around one month. I didn't notice any positive effects. There were side effects, but these faded over time until they were very mild in nature. I took it for social phobia and depression (probably atypical).

I have tried sh*talopram, belowpar, diazesham, noshowmazine, lorazesham, Cynica, Ineffexor, crapranolol, futileoxetine and Depascrote without success.

I am now just using CBT.
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