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Originally Posted by D.B. Cooper View Post
I disagree, try taking effexor and remeron together at any reasonable doses. It doesnt matter if you're responding to the meds because your brain is getting assaulted by such a massive amount of neurotransmitters you can barely remember your own name. Sort of like living in a dream.
You hit the nail on the head. When I was on those two that's exactly what it was like. A total slow motion bubble of liquid like dream state. In an unpleasant absent minded way. If it were positive on the other hand that would have been cool.

As for Effexor, I say it's ok. For many it's a miracle drug, for some it sucks. For me 40mg Paxil was stronger, 200mg Zoloft was more activating, Effexor is just in between. I'm on 225 and I feel blah, 5 months now. But a bit less blah than I did without it. I need to try 375mg before I give it the proper rate.

Wellbutrin was the most activating of them all. Combined with an SSRI to balance the negative effects.

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