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Originally Posted by marilyn78 View Post
I started taking this two days ago. I suffer from extreme anxiety, depression, social phobia, compulsive thoughts, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. I do believe I have emotional regulation disorder(BPD). Anyway, placebos don't work on me. It's impossible because of my disorder. The st johns wort I'm taking is from the brand Kira and I'm taking 3 pills a day. I think the brand is very important on whether it works or not. Well, so far, this is the first time in my life that I feel normal. I'm not having ups and downs. I'm not crying uncontrollably. My anxiety is almost non existent and I am socializing with people with ease. I can also fall asleep very easily. I don't feel any emotional pain. The only downside is that it's make me a little tired but I feel calm and relax. So, there you go. I think this pill might have just saved my life.
hey, how long did it take to kick in? congrats on feeling good!
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