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not everyone in my group has SA, there is a broad range of people with varying problems, but its nice to meet others and talk freely about stuff. Like pjam76 says, I found myself in a posiition where I was relatively relaxed talking in the group, but nothing had changed outside of it. But I had at least been able to talk to people about my anxieties and Im now finding it a little easier stating to people matter of factly that I have social phobia. From my experience, CBT has to be viewed like an educational course but where you only get marks for practical I have recently been making small but steady progress, but I have been trying to get a little fit (bought a rowing machine), eating better (no cakes or chocs ) and have been trying to stay of my PC (I spend sooooo much time in front of the damn things).

In response to daaaave (hope I got the right amount of vowels there -edit- extra e's removed), my group consists of about six people at the mo (weekly attendence varies enourmously, as does the amout of people in the group over the last year). We meet for an hour and a half, some weeks we will concentrate on CBT stuff (relaxation, core beleifs, excersises etc) some weeks we might just chat and support each other if needs be. Before I started, I had this vision of the group that terrified me that was like a hollywood movie type support group where you had to stand up and introduce yourself and talk about yourself: this turned out to be a false expectation, and I was gently incorportated into the group and left to contribute as I got more comfortable (thank god for that!)

many thanks for the kind replies everyone, and I would like to post some of my progress in the future, just hope I don't crash and burn too soon

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