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Originally Posted by foxy View Post
im not to educated ,but how that last post was linked it was hard to follow//my threads are hard but that was weird//i had 2 different hipnosis theropist //an they did a hell of a lot of talking//i have had the dvd,s of hipnosis// Donavan you say you have agoraphobia , has the hipnosis tape got you out the house an feeling free??????????? you say it relax,s you ,so does listening to an ENYA cd an its cheaper///// i agree with you on the theropy bit //i dont need to pay for friends ,thats what they try to be so you carry on spending//an the nhs free one,s are on there own planet// how does hipnosis correct the chemical imbalance in your brain like meds
i think what you need to understand is that you dont have a chemical imbalance in your brain, dont beleive everything you are told. its easy for the medical inductrie and the government to say ''youve got a chemical imbalance in yuor brain so here take this pill to fix the imbalance ''

i think you should have a look at something called the nlp communication model and also read gillian butlers book which has the clark and wells model of social anxiety in it. if you look at those things you will realise how social anxiety works inside your mind and that it has nothing to do with a chemical inbalance

anxious feelings are not casued by a chemical imbalance (although they can be influenced to a certain degree by bad diet and things like that). the driving force behind anxious feelings and emotions is your thoughts and the driving force behind your thought si the unconcious mind filtering reality through yuor own beleifs and memories , thats it

when i said there is no talking in hypnosis what i meant is that the therapy session is not like counselling were you just sit there and talk about your probelms and expect them to get better. the main chunk of a hypnosis session is the actual part were you are put under hypnosis and then try and fix the probelm in the mind. part of the session involves the hypnotist telling you a story, this is just a metaphor that reaches you on an unconcious level and is designed to combine with the actual hypnosis part

yes the hypnosis cd has helped me get out of the house feeling free

i said it relaxes me cos you said people with mental health probelms cant use hypnosis cos it only works if you relax. i was merely pointing out that i can relax even though i have mental health problems
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