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Thanks joinmartin for saying everything that needed to be said.

I appreciate all of the support and congratulations I've gotten, but I feel like my original sentiment was grossly misunderstood.

I never meant to suggest that I was "cured" of SA. In fact, in my post I very explicitly say that the test I took canNOT be viewed as definitive and that it was simply nice "to hear that I am better at least from one perspective." I certainly don't think an online test can prove I've overcome SA.

In terms of "finding a community," I meant that it helped me become comfortable with myself, which eased my anxiety overall. If I hadn't found such a welcoming and pleasant group of people, I would have continued to feel isolated, and my SA would surely have gotten worse. Instead, this comfort allowed me to break out of my shell and helped me realize that the world is not a dark and gloomy place like some on this forum still think it to be.

Like joinmartin said, it is a matter of changing your perspective. If you believe the world is out to get you, then everyone will seem like a potential threat. However, once you realize that most people either don't care enough to intentionally ridicule you or genuinely want you to succeed, it will be much easier to feel comfortable around other people. That is what my group of friends taught me.

And as I said, this did not "cure" my SA (though I have seen a therapist who also told me that my condition was not severe), it made me feel much better.

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